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I have such a wide range of music that I like … I can’t really compartmentalize it … I enjoy a lot of music

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Bjork-Army Of Me  – don’t miss – have to see – soooo good

My Current Hot Music

Oh Yeah … King Crimson … another one of my favorite bands with the song Elephant talk …
Listen to the lyrics … excellent use of word play …
I wish they would have finished the alphabet … that would be an incredible tricky job

Line up:
Tony Levin-Stick, Bill Bruford-Drums, Robert Fripp-Guitar, Adrian Belew-Guitar/ Vocals

What can’t you not like about this piece of music – 2 videos below

Fripptronics are in the works definitely!
along with Adrian Belew and his incredible freaking acrobatic MAGIC GUITAR!!

Don’t forget about video 2 … A beautiful intro played on ‘STICKS’ by Tony Levin & Trey Gunn

KC – Thela Hun Ginjeet

original studio recording

Les Claypool – Excellent cover version

My Brother turned me on to this … It has become one of my favorites … feel the power

One of the first ‘Videos’ I ever saw of Blondie way back in High School WOW!!
OMG … What High School boy wouldn’t fall in love with Deborah Harry!!
go to 3:00 min in the video … cool song
Even better … watch the video 2 down

The Attack of the Giant Ants … VCS …very cool song!

More Blondie music


The Ramones – Spiderman (Rare Video Clip)

David Lindley – 2 great covers – Mercury Blues and Brother John

More of David Lindley


Here is Anthony Roberts’  SMNA Film Contest Wining film  “Our San Martin”


First Off – My #1 Right Now
‘ Army of Me ‘ … Freaking Awesome Live!!!! is all I can say!!! … I had a better ‘F’ expletive but decided not to use it because I didn’t want to put off any light hearted visitors or children … at least not on the home page :-)
I first heard this song when I bought Bjorks album ‘POST’ in 1995 and thought it was AWESOME then!!!! … I heard it later again when it was used in the film version of ‘Tank Girl’  the same year a great/fun time film watch it if you have the chance … no …

tank_girl0 lori-petty-tank-girl
A new live version … WHEW!!! … be sure to click on FULL SCREEN    ….    more Bjork HERE


Check Out the Videos Below … :-}I literal could not stop smiling when I watched this first video … the intense expression on her face  was perfect!


I don’t know about you but the kids playing is great … it’s just creepy to me … they almost look like little robots … A little too weird for me … A mix of Disneylands ‘Pres. Lincoln’, ‘It’s a small world’ and the movie ‘West World’ … but stranger … beyond the playing … what about the choreography … hmmm?